LTC Dale Andrews
Headquarters Commandant
(In Memoriam)
MAJ Mark Hall
Headquarters Detachment Commander

The Indiana Guard Reserve Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment (HHD) is located at Tyndall Armory at 711 North Pennsylvania Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46204. HHD serves as the home unit for the IGR General Staff and support personnel, Medical Command, and the Chaplains Corp.

General Staff

The Adjutant General of Indiana MG Courtney Carr
Commanding General of Indiana Guard Reserve MG Bruce Bowers
Deputy Commander of Operations/Training BG Harold Grigdesby
Chief of Staff COL William Bryden
Deputy Chief of Staff COL Art Bottorff
Secretary of General Staff CPT Matthew L. Barmore

Commander's Personal Staff

Command Sergeant Major CSM James H. Coe
Joint Forces Liaison Officer COL Ken Halberstadt

Commander's Special Staff

Inspector General LTC Coy Turner
Staff Surgeon BG Philip Eskew, JR
Staff Chaplain CH (LTC) Ronnie Romans
Staff Judge Advocate General LTC Gary Miller
Provost Marshal COL Harold W. Hensley
Public Affairs Officer MAJ Terry Heifetz

Coordinating Staff Group

G-1 Personnel and Administration

Assistant Chief of Staff G-1
/ Director of Personnel
COL Michael Ney
Personnel Management Officer (vacant)
EEO/Mobilization Officer 1LT Lori Ahmed

G-2 Intelligence

Assistant Chief of Staff G-2
/ Director of Intelligence
COL James C. Pridgen

G-3 Operations, Plans and Training

Assistant Chief of Staff G-3
/ Director of Operations
LTC Darrell D. Bowman
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff G-3 (vacant)
Plans Officer 1LT Johnathan Wallace
Training Officer 1LT Bruce Thompson
Operations Sergeant Major CSM Timothy White

G-4 Logistics

Assistant Chief of Staff G-4
/ Director of Logistics
LTC Bob Fiers
Deputy Director Logistics MAJ Phillip Elder
Procurement Officer CW3 Ryle Perry
General Supply Technician SGT David Avila
Logistics Sergeant Major SFC Sue Elder

G-5 Civil Affairs

Assistant Chief of Staff G-5
/ Director of Civil Affairs
COL Joseph Luckett
Director of Recruiting/Retention COL Paul A. Vaughn
Recruiting Sergeant Major CSM Michael Lukich
Civil Affairs Sergeant SSG Denise Corbin

G-6 Information Systems

Assistant Chief of Staff G-6
/ Director of Information Systems
Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff G-6
/ Chief Information Officer
MAJ D. Michael Paxton
Communications Management Officer (vacant)
Cyber Defense Officer (vacant)
Data Systems Management Officer (vacant)
Infrastructure Management Officer (vacant)
Internet Media Management Officer (vacant)


Commandant MAJ Dale Andrews (In Memoriam)
Sergeant Major (vacant)

Headquarters Detachment

Commander MAJ Mark Hall
Executive Officer 1LT Courtland Carrington
First Sergeant SSG Dan Davis
Supply Sergeant (vacant)

Office Management

IGR Administrative Assistant Michael V. Ney