Indiana Guard Support Corporation

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While the State of Indiana provides financial support for many Indiana Guard Reserve activities, the IGR also depends on private contributions to carry out its missions.  This support is provided through the Indiana Guard Support Corporation, a charitable organization recognized by the United States Internal Revenue Service under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

The IGSC receives charitable donations from civic-minded people and businesses of Indiana, and uses those donations to further support the mission of the IGR.  Donations may be monetary or material, though material donations should be limited to those items which could be readily used by the IGR in its missions.

The IGSC Mission

The Indiana Guard Support Corporation exists to promote public understanding, secure charitable funding, and build employer support for the role of the Indiana Guard Reserve, a branch of the Military Department of Indiana established by Indiana Code Title 10, Article 16, Chapter 8, in supporting National Guard forces within the state of Indiana.

To accomplish this mission, the Corporation engages in activities that include raising funds to support the activities of the Indiana Guard Reserve and other organizations supporting such forces and employers; and developing partnerships among employers, military leaders and members of the National Guard in order to support the role of the Military Department of Indiana.

These activities enable the Indiana Guard Reserve to identify and carry out missions and solutions that reduce the burden on National Guard forces by using the unpaid volunteers of the Indiana Guard Reserve to perform, where practicable, community support missions otherwise tasked to local National Guard units. All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, are devoted to these purposes and to lessen requirements of the Indiana State Armory Board for funding the Indiana Guard Reserve. Additionally, funds may be provided to support state homeland defense security missions, mobilization and demobilization of military forces within the state of Indiana, promote the use of state defense forces on a national level and support all other missions assigned by the Indiana Adjutant General.


If you would like to offer your charitable support to the mission and volunteers of the Indiana Guard Reserve, either as an individual or a business, please contact us at:

Indiana Guard Support Corporation
10233 Whispering Way
Indianapolis, Indiana, 46239
(317) 862-1814

If you would like to donate material goods that may be of use to the Indiana Guard Reserve, please download our "Gift-In-Kind" donation form, fill it out, and bring it to the address above, along with your donation.  For a list of the kinds of material donations that may be helpful, please see our "Needed Items" list.