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Equitable Services Ombudsman

The state education agency (SEA) must designate an ombudsman to monitor and enforce the requirements related to equitable services provided to non-public school children, teachers, and other educational personnel in non-public schools as outlined in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).[Sec. 1117(a)(3)(B) and Sec.8501(a)(3)(B)].

The ombudsman’s role as a fair and impartial mediator helps to ensure equitable services for non-public school children, teachers, and other educational personnel. Please contact IDOE's Ombudsman at

Ombudsman’s Roles and Responsibilities

  • Monitors and enforces equitable services requirements under Title I, Part A and programs governed under Title VIII: Title I, Part C; Title II, Part A; Title III, Part A; and Title IV, Part A & B;
  • Monitors consultation between school districts and non-public schools;
  • Addresses questions and concerns from non-public school officials and public school administrators regarding the provision of equitable services under Titles I and VIII;
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for responding to and resolving any formal complaints regarding equitable services that the SEA receives under its ESEA complaint procedure;
  • Provides resources, processes and training for equitable services;
  • Works in partnership with the Office of Title Grants and Support to develop monitoring protocols applicable to the provision of equitable services under each program.

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