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Transcripts, Student Loans, and Employment Verification

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  • Current: Transcripts, Student Loans, and Employment Verification

Transcripts, general educational development (GED) records, or high school equivalency (HSE) records.

IDOE does not retain educational records, transcripts, diplomas or GED/HSE scores. Our agency is responsible for overseeing the education of students in kindergarten through grade 12. Our mission is to empower Indiana’s families, educators, school administrators, and community leaders to assist all students in building important knowledge and skills that will empower their success after high school.

  • GED/HSE scores
    • Visit or call 1-855-313-5799. Creating a account is free; however, you may incur a small fee to be sent a copy of your records. Learn more here.
      • If you were incarcerated when you earned your GED, you will find your GED records on
    • Contact the Department of Workforce Development with questions regarding the Indiana by calling 1-866-220-6675 or emailing
    • If you earned a diploma from either Eliza Hendricks High School or Arthur Campbell High School, contact the Indiana Archives and Records Administration at 317-591-5222
  • High school diplomas
    • Indiana high school diplomas are typically a “one and done” document. School administrators are not able to keep copies of these diplomas, because they are glued into the cases that the students are presented with at graduation and will become damaged if they are removed from those cases to make copies. School administrators are only required to keep a student’s high school transcripts.
    • Contact the school that you attended, an administrator may write a short letter for you with your name at the time of attendance, dates attended, confirmation of graduation, and a statement that they do not retain copies of high school diplomas. This information should be on the school’s letterhead and signed by an administrator. The school may also use their notary seal at the bottom of the letter. This letter will serve as your diploma confirmation, and should only be given out when required.
  • High school transcripts
    • Check the website of the school district you attended and search the word “transcripts.” Many districts have an area on their administration site where you can order those transcripts directly.
    • If the district webpage does not have such an area, call the district’s administration office. When you call, make sure you are speaking with someone at the administration office and not at your high school. Education records are typically not kept at the high school.
    • Note that it is the district’s responsibility to locate your transcript. Unless the district states that they have relocated previous records to a website such as, then they are required to provide them.
  • If your high school has closed
    • Please check the attached list of closed schools to find the appropriate contact information.
      • If there is no contact information for your school, you should search the internet to determine whether the school is closed or if it has been renamed.
      • If it has been renamed (for example, changed from a high school to a middle school), contact the school district to which it belongs. .If the location is absolutely closed, contact the school district to which the closed school belonged. For example, if your high school was in Fort Wayne, you should contact Fort Wayne Community Schools. If the school district does not have your records, it will be able to help you find potential other districts to contact. If you attended a charter school that is now closed, call the school district that is closest to the charter school location. Charter school records are often moved to the school district when the school closes.
    • Check
  • If you were homeschooled
    • IDOE does not oversee homeschools. To access your school records, contact the individual(s) that educated you and see if they still have your records. If that person(s) is no longer living, IDOE cannot assist.
  • College or university transcripts
    • Go to the website of the college you attended to order transcripts or contact the registrar’s office.
    • If your college has closed, then contact Indiana Archives and Records Administration at 317-591-5222.
    • IDOE cannot assist with college or university records.
  • As a final note for all those trying to locate records and have exhausted all avenues
    • Indiana requires all high schools to keep a student’s school records until the student turns 23 years of age or for five years after the student graduates. If you have exhausted all avenues listed above, IDOE is unable to assist further.

Student Loan Information

  • State Student Loans

    Contact the Indiana Commission for Higher Education with questions about state student loans.

    • 317-464-4400
  • Federal Student Loans

    Contact the United States Department of Education with questions about federal student loans.

    • 1-800-557-7394

Employment Verification

  • Employment Verification

    Please contact the Indiana State Personnel Department (SPD) for all employee verification requests.

    • Email:
    • Fax: 317-234-7745 -  Fax requests will be fulfilled at a slower rate.

    * The Indiana Department of Education cannot share employee verification information.