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Noble County Surveyor

Randolph A. Sexton, PLS, CFM | (260) 636-2131 Ext. 4501


  • Drainage Deputy: Brady Truex - Ext. 4504
  • Technical Deputy: Brad Blevins - Ext. 4506
  • Garage Supervisor: Mark Marcum - Ext. 4502
  • Secretary: Sheri Adair - Ext. 4503
  • Drainage Secretary: Jennetta Calvelage - Ext. 4505

Storm and Erosion

All subdivisions, All Commercial, Industrial, Multi-Family Additions, Any land disturbing activity over 1 acre, Any excavation of material over 1000 cubic yards.

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Storm and Erosion


If you are interested in building a pond, you will have to file for a permit with the Surveyor's Office.

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Open Loop Geothermal

If you are putting in an open loop geothermal, you will need to get a permit from the Surveyor's Office.

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Open Loop Geothermal

Local Surveyors

The Noble County Surveyor's Office does not do private surveying. Click below for a list of local surveyors.

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Local Surveyors

Drain Forms

Variance forms, drain petitions and request forms for any regulated drain.

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Applications & Forms

Duties of the Surveyor's Office

Common things the surveyor's office can help landowners with.

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Surveyor's Office Information

Section Corners

The Surveyor's Office is responsible for maintaining the records of section corners in the county. You can find this information on the Beacon Website under control points. If you are unable to find the information, call the Surveyor's Office at 260-636-2131.

Beacon Website


Below are some helpful resources for landowners.


Office Information

Monday - Friday 8:00am - 4:00pm

2090 N State Road 9, Suite B

Albion, IN 46701

Phone:    (260) 636-2131

Fax:         (260) 636-3512

Drainage Board


Have a drainage problem? Call us at 260-636-2131 or report the problem here.