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Beacon Help

Using Beacon's Built-in Help System

Beacon Help SystemBeacon has a built-in help system to assist with questions that you may have. To access the help system, use the blue circle button that has a white question mark, located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. This button will offer the following help topics:

  • Overview — A brief review of the help system.
  • Map — Information on navigating the application’s map on the Map tab.
  • Search — Information on performing searches using the Search tab.
  • Results — Information about using and sorting the results that appear based on a search.
  • Reports — Information for printing, moving back and forth between the Reports tab and the Map tab, and performing comparable searches.
  • Login — Information about logging into Beacon.
  • Feedback — Information on how to provide feedback on Beacon.
  • Options — Information on setting defaults for map size, print size, and color scheme in Beacon.
  • Print Setup — Information on how to customize your printing experience.