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Beacon Website Overview

Beacon Welcome to the Noble County Beacon overview home page.  This home page is designed to introduce users of GIS websites to the functionality and information available in Noble County's Beacon™ website.

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Beacon™ is the Schneider Corporation’s premier product used for providing a cost-effective and simple way to move public GIS information out to the web. Noble County, Indiana, is one of a growing list of local county governments providing their constituents access to land property and tax information via Beacon™.  Noble County is proud to partner with the Schneider Corporation to provide 24/7 web access to those that may need to inquire into both land property and tax information for personal and business purposes.

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What's New

New features offered in Beacon.
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Relevant Issues

Relevant topics one should be aware of when using Beacon.
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Available GIS Layers

Available GIS layers viewable in Beacon.
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Beacon Help

Instructions on using the built-in help system in Beacon.
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Report Errors

Information for reporting assessment, GIS mapping, and/or tax information errors to the GIS Department.
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