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Recommendations to Homeowners

Recommendations to Homeowners:

Recommendation to the homeowner concerning building in Noble County.

  1. Make sure the proper building permit is obtained. Check the list on the FAQ’s part of this website to see what common projects require and do not require a building permit. Basically, the construction, alteration, or repair of any building (except maintenance) requires a local permit.
  2. Noble County does not require proof of liability insurance from contractors, so as a homeowner you need to make sure that the contractor (or subcontractor) you hire has liability insurance. Ask to see their Certificate of Insurance (COI).
  3. Make sure you check with your own insurance agent to see if you need to increase your insurance before construction begins and what part of the construction is covered by the contractor’s insurance and what part is covered by yours.
  4. Noble County does not require a License or Permit Bond from contractors. If a Surety or Performance Bond is desired, then it will by your responsibility to ask your contractor for one.
  5. IC 24-5-11 ( applies to Home Improvement Contracts for residential property.
  6. Ask the contractor about any warranty. There is information in Indiana Code on New Home Construction Warranties ( (IC 32-27-2) and Home Improvement Warranties ( (IC 32-27-1)
  7. Always deal with someone you trust. If the contractor is asking for money upfront then that may be a “red flag”. Check references and ask for the last 2 or 3 jobs completed by the contractor. For instance, if you are building a garage, then ask to see the last 2 garages the contractor has built. Check out the quality of the work, materials, etc.
  8. Ask about any subcontractors that might be used on the project.
  9. Make sure you know who is gong to be responsible to call for inspections. A list of required inspections can be found on this website. Call (260) 636-2215 for inspections.