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Building Department

Office Hours: Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Attention Home Builders

Noble County requires:

The use of AAV's (Air Admittance Valves) to be used only when absolutely necessary (ex: island vents).

All outlets in laundry room must be GFCI protected.

Noble County has 5 towns that have their own jurisdiction which means they also issue their own building permits. The following is a list of the towns. If you have any questions, please contact the Noble County Building Department and we can direct you to the right location.

Albion, Avilla, Kendallville, Ligonier, Rome City

Always contact the Building Department before you start work to verify whether you need a permit.

Permit applications are not available to file online.


For underground locates call: 811


  • Building Permits ARE needed for the following.

    Prior to doing anything in the Floodplain, you must contact the Floodplain Manager.

    1. New Structures

    2. Adding square footage to an existing structure

    3. Structural changes

    4. Manufactured Housing

    5. Foundation  work

    6. Storage sheds (over 120 square feet)

    7. Grain bins

    8. Decks

    9. Wind Turbine Towers

    10. Communication Towers

    11. Sprinkler systems for fire suppression

    12. Mechanicals: electric, plumbing and HAVAC

    13. New or updated electrical panel

    14. Above ground swimming pools over 42" deep and Inground swimming pools

    15. Signs

  • Building Permits ARE NOT needed for the following.

    Prior to doing anything in the Floodplain, you must contact the Floodplain Manager.

    1. Siding

    2. Doors (unless putting in a new header)

    3. Garage Doors (replacing)

    4. Windows (unless putting in a new header)

    5. Interior work (unless the load bearing structure is altered)

    6. Roofing (unless the roof line or structure is altered, or trusses need to be replaced)

    7. Detached accessory structure if portable and 120 square feet or less & not in a Floodplain

    8. Swings & Playground equipment

    9. Fences

    10. Sidewalks and driveways

    11. Paneling, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops and etc.

    12. Minor electrical repair and maintenance

    13. Minor mechanical repair and maintenance

    14. Prefabricated swimming pools less than 24" deep

  • Do I need to Register as a Contractor in Noble County?

    The Noble County Building Department does not do contractor registration or licensing. However, other Departments in Noble County may have requirements.

  • Do I need a permit for Demolition?

    Noble County Building Department does not require a demolition permit. However, the following towns may have different requirements. Kendallville, Avilla, Rome City, Albion and Ligonier.

  • How do I report construction without a permit?

    If you see someone building a structure and do not clearly see the building permit posted at the project site, contact the Building Department at (260) 636-2215.

  • What codes does Noble County follow?

    Noble County had adopted the Indiana Division of Fire and Building Safety codes.

  • Does Noble County require a permit for ponds?

    All pond information, including questions about ordinance and permitting are handled by the Noble County Surveyor's Office.