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Ordinances 2024

FCO 2024-01  Animal Care and Control Ordinance Modification to FCO 2023-4501/16/2024
FCO 2024-02 Regulation Residential and Commercial On-Site Sewage Systems and Providing Penalties for Violations02/06/2024
FCO 2024-03  Establishing  Delayed Schedule in the Administrative and Judicial County Building 02/21/2024
FCO 2024-04 Amending American Rescue Plan Implementation Plan03/05/2024
FCO 2024-05 Allowing Employees to Work on Primary and General Election Day(s) in Exchange for a Day Off03/05/2024
FCO 2024-06 Establishing ECHO Lead Grant Fund #916303/05/2024
FCO 2024-07 Establishing Non-Reverting Fund for Rewire TIF Fund04/16/2024
FCO 2024-08 Establishing Non-Reverting Fund for Edwardsville School TIF Fund04/16/2024
FCO 2024-09 Establishing Non-Reverting Fund for Community Foundation of Southern Indiana Probation Grant Fund04/16/2024