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Ordinances 2022

FCO 2022-49 Re-Establishing a Non-Reverting Fund for County Unsafe Building and Code Enforcement01/06/2023
FCO 2022-47 Amending the Name of Non-Reverting Fund Community Corrections IDOC CTP Fund (1123)01/06/2023
FCO 2022-46 Establishing Fund 1121 Community Corrections IDOC Grant12/30/2022
FCO 2022-45 Map Amendments to the Floyd County Zoning Ordinance01/18/2023
FCO 2022-44 Map Amendments to the Floyd County Zoning Ordinance01/18/2023
FCO 2022-43 Establishing Fund #9104 Hope Court12/30/2022
FCO 2022-42 Establishing Funds 1237 & 1238 Opioid Funds Opioid12/30/2022
FCO 2022-41 Establishing a Consolidated Fire Protection District for Lafayette and Greenville Townships and Providing for the Appointment of Fire District Trustees of the Highlander Fire Protection District03/10/2023
FCO 2022-40 Vacation of Public Easement In Plat # 119812/13/2022
FCO 2022-39 Establishing Non-Reverting Fund 9152 County General Capital Improvement12/07/2022
FCO 2022-38 Establishing Non-Reverting Fund 9151 County Courthouse and Admin Building12/07/2022
FCO 2022-36 Water Line Under a Portion of Spickert Knobs Road11/10/2022
FCO 2022-35 Amending American Rescue Plan Implementation Plan11/29/2022
FCO 2022-34 Establishing FSA Fund10/20/2022
FCO 2022-33 Designating a Stop Sign Intersection and Directing the Erection of a Stop Sign10/20/2022
FCO 2022-32-Establishing and Confirming Speed Limits on County Roads and Highways10/20/2022
FCO 2022-30 Establishing Non-Reverting Health Insurance Fund #521910/06/2022
FCO 2022-29 Mileage Reimbursement10/06/2022
FCO 2022-27 Amending ARP Plan08/24/2022
FCO 2022-25 Revise FCO 2022-0508/08/2022
FCO 2022-24 Amending ARP Plan08/08/2022
FCO 2022-23 2023-2025 EDIT Capital Plan08/08/2022
FCO 2022-22 Amending ARP Plan07/14/2022
FCO 2022-21 Amending FCO 2016-5 Captial Improvement Plan07/14/2022
FCO 2022-19 Amending Zoning Ordinance06/30/2022
FCO 2022-18 Amending Zoning Ordinance06/30/2022
FCO 2022-16 Procedures for Electronic Meetings Participation06/30/2022
FCO 2022-14 Non-Reverting Fund Established for IDOC Grant Partners Corrections Readiness for Re-Entry, Community Corrections & Probation06/07/2022
FCO 2022-136 Map Amendments to Zoning Ordinance06/30/2022
FCO 2022-12 Map Amendments to Zoning Ordinance06/30/2022
FCO 2022-11 Enacting a Code of Ordinances for Floyd County, Indiana, Revising, Amending, Restating, Codifying and Compiling Certain Existing General Ordinance of the Political Subdivision Dealing with Subjects Embraced in Such Code of Ordinances and De05/11/2022
FCO 2022-10 Amending American Rescue Plan06/15/2022
FCO 2022-09 Amending Capital Improvement Plan04/11/2022
FCO 2022-08 American Rescue Plan Revised03/04/2022
FCO 2022-07 Established Family Law Navigation Fund03/04/2022
FCO 2022-06 2022 Employee Handbook02/16/2022
FCO 2022-05 Establishing New Fund Public Defender Title IV-E02/18/2022
FCO 2022-04 American Rescue Plan Revised02/16/2022
FCO 2022-03 Vacation of Public Easement02/02/2022
FCO 2022-01 Employee Benefits Changes for 202202/10/2022