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Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy

Indiana’s Hoosier Youth Challenge Academy, established in 2007, is located in Knightstown. The academy offers military-based training to unemployed/underemployed, crime-free and drug-free at-risk youth who have not graduated from high school 16-18 years of age. HYCA trains and mentors these youth to develop the values, skills, education and self-discipline to become successful young adults. The free program is a 17.5 month commitment, including an in-depth screening process, two-week acclimation phase, five-month residential phase and a yearlong post-residential mentorship phase to help graduates with career and life goal achievements.*

Upcoming Events

Applications are currently being accepted for Class 30, which starts on January 15, 2022.

Class is starting to fill up quickly!

To speak to one of our recruiters, please contact:

Heather Rutkowski: Northwest Recruiter @ 317-331-6573 or heather.rutkowski@hoosieryouth.org

Jeff Diemer: Northeast Recruiter @ 463-202-3535 or  jeff.diemer@hoosieryouth.org

David Endris: Southern Recruiter @  317-331-6979 or david.endris@hoosieryouth.org