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Traffic Inventory Management

Assigning Signal Commission Numbers

INDOT maintains approximately 2,500 traffic signals and 1,200 flashing beacons on the state highway system. Each electrically operated intersection traffic control device must be "commissioned". This means the need for the device is documented and registered through a commission number. This number facilitates tracking of maintenance activities on the device, its operational status, and provides record keeping for potential future inquiries about the need for the device and its status. The district office determines the need and approves the device and requests a commission number from Traffic Administration. After assigning a commission number Traffic Administration sends out an announcement to notify the appropriate INDOT staff of the change in the signal or flashing beacon inventory.

In addition to the inventory of traffic signals and flashing beacons, INDOT also has commissioned a number of intersection conflict warning systems, several pedestrian hybrid beacons, and one emergency facility signal at a fire station on high traffic volume highway- this signal becomes operational only when activated by authorized fire department staff.

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