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Corridor Development Office

Mission Statement:

"To facilitate safe and efficient network mobility, connectivity and accessibility for all road users, powering economic growth and quality of life in Indiana."

  1. To enhance high quality, safe and reliable connections between communities.
  2. To foster strong, vibrant communities through safe and efficient access in a context appropriate way.
  3. To protect the safety and operational integrity of the Interstate Highway System and to make improvements where appropriate.
  4. To leverage data and best practices in traffic performance monitoring, need identification, and alternative evaluation.
  5. To guide investment to cost effective solutions in areas of greatest present and future mobility need, emphasizing feasibility and reasonability through purpose and need.
  6. To minimize impacts to the built and natural environment while making mobility improvements, with special consideration given to avoiding residential impacts.
  7. To prioritize innovative solutions to a variety of operational problems.
  8. To ensure equity in providing high-quality transportation networks for all expected users regardless of mode.
  9. To be the subject matter experts in traffic analysis, simulation, and mobility, providing leadership and training for the state.
  10. To maintain involvement with all other significant projects through intentional coordination with internal and external stakeholders.

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