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Moving Indiana Toward An Active State

Since fall of 2018, INDOT has been working towards completing the State’s first-ever Active Transportation Plan. Moving Indiana Toward an Active State focuses on bridging the gaps for those who commute and travel outside of automobile traffic, in order to meet their needs and integrate active transportation into our daily lives.

Active Transportation Survey
INDOT launched an online survey at the beginning of the Active Transportation Plan, receiving more than 2,500 responses from all over Indiana.

A report showcasing major findings can be viewed via the following link: Survey Results

Check out the image to the left for an abridged visual summary of the results received! Click to enlarge

Trails Cost Calculator
One of the great deliverables manifested in our Statewide Active Transportation Plan includes an interactive Trails Cost Calculator. This Excel spreadsheet tool provides an overhead, sketch-level cost estimate for trail construction in Indiana.

This tool has already played an integral role in Governor Holcomb’s Next Level Trails Program, allowing users to change variables such as trail length, trail width, surface type, terrain, funding sources, and more.

Anyone may access the Trails Cost Calculator Tool here: Trails Cost Calculator. Also, feel free to view the following memorandum if you are interested in understanding the inner workings of cost examples and future maintenance expenses. Trails Cost Calculator Memo

Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Type Guide

INDOT has been working on a draft guidance document to help the general public, planning partners, and communities determine when and where to use certain facilities and designs. This matrix puts into account roadway characteristics such as: land use context (e.g., urban vs. rural), posted speed limit, motor vehicle traffic volume, and other considerations, in order to help users pick the most appropriate bicycle/pedestrian facility. Check out the draft facility guide

Bicycle Trails Task Force

To top it off, the Trails Cost Calculator above was included as a part of Governor Holcomb’s Bicycle Trails Task Force, a legislative mandate directed to report on the State’s trail inventory, innovative funding for trails, connecting our trail network, and more. The Bicycle Trails Task Force released their final report in July 2019 which can be reviewed here: Bicycle Trails Task Force Final Report

What’s Next?

Be sure to stay tuned in to see more deliverables from INDOT’s Active Transportation Plan, updates in regards to other active transportation initiatives around the state, and proposed additions to Indiana’s United States Bicycle Route system.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact Brandon Burgoa, Statewide Bicycle Pedestrian Coordinator, at or give us a call at (317)-232-5218.

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