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Welcome Centers & Rest Areas

INDOT currently operates 17 rest area locations, with 28 separate rest area facilities on Indiana’s interstate highways. Eleven rest area locations have buildings on both sides of the interstate (22 buildings) while eight sites are located on only one side of the interstate.

Each INDOT rest area and welcome center contains parking lots and driveways, various building types, restroom facilities, water fountains, picnic areas, vending services, numerous other site amenities, and a variety of tourism/traveler related services.

Vending services for INDOT rest areas and welcome centers are provided by Indiana Family and Social Services Administration division of Blind and Visually Impaired Services in accordance with Indiana Code. Local tourist organizations operate the tourist information services through the Indiana Tourism Commission at the welcome centers.

INDOT rest areas and welcome centers have parking areas allotted for buses, tractor-trailer trucks, and recreational vehicles. INDOT rest areas/welcome centers currently have 1,444 semi-truck parking spaces across the state – an average of 48 parking spaces at each facility.

Rest areas/welcome centers are highly regulated by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Since FHWA funding is used to build rest areas, a number of federal laws govern the use of rest areas. Federal law prohibits commercialization and privatization of rest areas. Federal law prohibits access to the rest areas/welcome centers from a private business or commercial location as well as access from a local road, either by vehicle or a pedestrian walkway.

Current Projects and Closures:


  • Truck Parking Facility (Northbound) closed June 2023 - TBD
  • Truck Parking Facility (Southbound) closed June 2023 – TBD

Clear Creek

  • Welcome Center (Eastbound) closed June 2023 – TBD

Black River

  • Welcome Center (Eastbound) closed June 2023 - TBD
To view our full Welcome Center and Rest Area Brochure, including planned renovation, construction, and closures, click here.

Use the map below to locate INDOT’s rest areas and welcome centers. Click on each location icon to see more information about the specific facility at that location.

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