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Passenger Rail

With the passage of PRIIA in 2008, Congress voted to end federal support for Amtrak intercity passenger trains operating on routes of less than 750 miles effective October 2013. The State of Indiana first partnered with local governments along the train’s 196-mile route to fund the Hoosier State service’s operating and capital costs not covered by ticket revenue in 2013. The Hoosier State made its final run June 30, 2019, the last day of the state’s fiscal year.

Since the end of service, INDOT has been taking steps to explore the feasibility of reinstating intercity passenger rail service in the Hoosier State corridor, at travel times and frequencies better suited to the Indianapolis-Chicago travel market. In 2019, INDOT released an Intercity Passenger Rail Conceptual Infrastructure Plan, which you can find at this link – Passenger Rail Infrastructure Plan.

There are several tourist trains that operate in Indiana.  Please contact each operator directly for information. INDOT has no jurisdiction over tourist trains.

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