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Indiana is a global center of transportation and logistics for the 21st century. As the Crossroads of America, Indiana's world-class transportation infrastructure provides companies with a competitive advantage in manufacturing and distribution. With its strategic location serving regional, national, and international markets, Indiana's economy is heavily dependent on freight movement. Freight operations have a significant impact on Indiana's transportation system. Each year, 724 million tons of freight travels though Indiana, making it the fifth busiest state for commercial freight traffic. By 2040, freight flow is expected to increase by 60 percent.

Freight mobility depends on the seamless integration of transportation infrastructure. As much as one-third of the freight on Indiana's transportation network passes through the state without stopping, which makes through carriers a significant stakeholder in the state's freight system. Our goal is to partner with others to provide an integrated freight transportation and logistics system that ensures the efficient, reliable, safe and secure movement of goods, materials and services, which supports the state's economic growth and competitive access to markets.

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