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Aviation is an integral part Indiana's transportation infrastructure and is vital for business, agriculture, and tourism as Indiana is home to 127 public-use aviation facilities. Indiana's aviation mission is to encourage, foster, and assist in the development of aeronautics in this state while also encouraging the establishment of airports, landing fields, and other navigation facilities.

Hoosier airports are the lifeblood for hundreds of companies across the state, allowing them to compete in a global economy while supporting jobs and economic growth in small communities across the heartland. These public-use facilities have an economic output of more than $14 billion including actively creating or sustaining 69,000 jobs and providing for the movement of people and goods to anywhere in the world.

We would encourage you to visit these facilities to witness first-hand the dedication of these aviation professionals as they strive to take Indiana to the next level.

About Multimodal

The efficient and effective movement of people and goods requires a balanced transportation system offering a variety of transportation modes, including highways, air, rail, pipeline and water. INDOT’s Multimodal Planning and Programs division includes the offices of Aviation, Freight, Public Transit, Rail, and Passenger Rail. Our goal is to develop and improve transportation modes in a seamless system that is more efficient, flexible, and environmentally sustainable, and meets the needs of travelers and shippers alike.


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