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About Multimodal


The efficient and effective movement of people and goods requires a balanced transportation system offering a variety of transportation modes, including highways, air, rail, pipeline and water. Our goal is to develop and improve transportation modes in a seamless system that is more efficient, flexible, and environmentally sustainable, and meets the needs of travelers and shippers alike.

Encountering Multimodal


Where do you encounter INDOT's multimodal department in everyday life?

  • Aviation: Wind farms (because they require tall structure permits to protect airspace); planes leaving/arriving into Indiana
  • Freight: Every consumer good has spent part of its journey to you on a truck!
  • Rail: Any at-grade crossing on state, city, or county maintained roads in the state.
  • Transit: City buses (like Indy and Fort Wayne), rural on-demand public transit, The South Shore Line, specialized transit programs like Councils on Aging


Marty Blake
Multimodal Director
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 North Senate Avenue Room N758MM
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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