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Truck Bed Wash Boom

The Truck Bed Wash Boom saves time and money by cleaning the salt chains on INDOT vehicle’s dump beds. It is a tool made from PVC pipe with holes drilled in it to disperse water into the cavity of the dump bed chain to flush out salt and other contaminants more efficiently. From road salt to loads of stone, every INDOT dump truck has a chain in the dump bed that acts as a conveyor belt for the material being carried. Regardless of what the material is, these chains can become congested with small particles over time. Although efforts were made with hoses and pressure washers to keep the chains clean, no angle was achievable to get the smallest pieces of material out from the chain. Once worn down, the chains can break, requiring crews to stop operations to replace or repair the chain, sometimes having to empty an entire bed-full of material to do so.

To help prevent the chains from breaking and to save time from having to replace them, an INDOT employee introduced a new tool. The Truck Bed Wash Boom is run up through the bottom of the raised dump bed to spray water at an angle that cleans the chain effectively. This process saves time through the reduction of having to replace or repair broken chains. The tool can extend the longevity of chains and vehicles and allows for a smoother and more standard process.

May be purchased sole source via Crawfordsville District. For quote

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