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Pi-lit LED Sequential Road Flares

Product Features
  • Intelligent radio technology automatically positions flares in correct
    sequence for quick and simple deployment.
  • Any one flare controls entire network of flares. Changing a
    parameter such as pattern only requires the user to use one flare.
    That flare will send a message to the network of flares and will change
    their patterns as well. In addition, no need to turn off each flare. The
    user can do a "group off" from any flare and all the flares will turn off.
  • 50+ foot range (15 meters) between flares (when on the ground),
    1,000 feet (300 meters) when placed on top of a cone. No limit to the
    number of flares in a string.
  • Rugged and compact, the flares can withstand the harsh
    environment of a roadway while stowing small in vehicle or
  • 12 bright through hole side LEDs, 4 bright surface mount top LEDs
  • 1 mile visibility with 360 degree horizontal viewing angle and 180
    degree vertical projection.
INDOT utilizes Pi-Lit LED Sequential Road Flares because:
  • Pi-lit flares increase visibility on curves, particulary after dark.
  • There are multiple sequencing options.
  • They allow for extra visibility when needed.
  • They are magnetic.
  • They are visible from the top or side of a cone using a cone adapter.
  • The kit includes 12Volt charging for vehicle use and 110V wall charging cords.

Watch the Pi-Lit LED Road flares in action at night!


May be purchased sole source via Pi Variables, Inc. For quote email

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