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Bump Grinder Safety Bar

The Bump Grinder Safety Bar is a tool that makes the roadways smoother. Working as a skid-steer attachment, the Bump Grinder uses sharp, pointed “teeth,” to grind down bumps or uneven roadways. Grinding is a cost-effective way to improve vehicle ride quality and can even extend pavement life and increase skid resistance.

Inevitably the Bump Grinder’s teeth become worn down or even broken from the repetitive grinding on hard surfaces like cement and asphalt. This requires crews to open the heavy, metal lid of the Bump Grinder to replace the damaged or missing teeth.

Prior to the innovative tool, there was no set method to hold the Grinder’s lid open. A bolted safety bar was created to hold the lid open while repairs are performed. Once the bolt has been fastened, the bar and lid are held solidly in place, allowing employees to work on the device with no risk of the lid coming down.

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