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Air Compressor Hose Arm

INDOT utilizes portable air compressors to transfer pressurized air from a compressor to another location, however time and money is saved with the removeable support arm: Air Compressor Hose Arm. In the past, unit workers had to routinely cut and repair the hoses due to repetitive dragging on the ground during crack sealing or bridge-cleaning activities. Now, the hose arm is attached to the back of trucks to support and reduce wear damage. The lightweight and detachable feature allows workers to move around work zones with ease, fuel up without detaching, and swivel back and forth on specially designed hooks. Prior to the innovation, the crew had to hold up the weight of the hose while they were cleaning debris out of cracks or blowing off bridges. Benefits now include:

  • The air hose support arm will save damage to air hoses from dragging.
  • It saves the cost of replacing hose as often.
  • It saves time repairing hose on the job.
  • It is more ergonomically correct, which reduces fatigue/injury from holding the weight of the hose all day.

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