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About Us

The Connected and Automated Vehicle Division’s mission is to best position Indiana to realize the safety, operational, and economic benefits of the transportation technologies of tomorrow.

Strategic Goals

  • Develop and implement smart technologies and systems to simultaneously reduce crashes and fatalities and improve mobility of all users and goods on our transportation network. (Excellence in Core Service Delivery)
  • Position Indiana to meet the demands of future transportation technologies and infrastructure needs through stakeholder awareness, continued development of a next generation workforce and a robust business climate. (Plan for the Future, Enhance Internal Services)
  • Continue to develop a transportation network that increases access, equity and environmental sustainability through research, public-private partnerships, and federal initiatives/funding/ programs. (Plan for the Future)
  • Embrace opportunities to leverage innovative technologies to support and enhance existing business practices. (Enhance Internal Services)
  • Promote intra-agency education and collaboration on existing and future research needs to ensure the benefits of new technologies are fully realized and brought to market for widespread use and general public welfare.(Enhance Internal Services)

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