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LPA Consultant Information


The process for hiring a consultant for federal-aid projects must follow specific requirements set by the Federal Highway Administration. Visit our Local Public Agency Program Consultant Information page for resources like:

  • Request for Proposals Information
  • Consultant Contract Boilerplate
  • Consultant Selection Review

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INDOT LPA Contracts

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All parties will use DocuSign to electronically sign INDOT LPA Contracts and Local Roads and Bridges Matching Grant Agreements. The following links will give detail instructions for the ERC to submit a list of legal signers, and instruction and examples for the legal signers.

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GovDelivery Subscription Service is a free subscription offered to all LPAs by INDOT.

GovDelivery will provide information that may significantly impact LPAs receiving federal-aid through INDOT.  All communications from the INDOT LPA Department are sent through GovDelivery, and it is highly recommended that all LPAs read the instructions to subscribe.

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LPA Guidance Document

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) signs an agreement with each State Department of Transportation to allow states to oversee the responsibilities and execution of their Local Public Agency Program. INDOT's LPA Program's Guidance Document is the resource manual for INDOT's LPA Program. It is the primary source of program information and guidelines that should be followed during and INDOT LPA Program from cradle to grave.

Partners with Local Units of Governments to Plan for the Future

Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) stakeholders play a key role in influencing our agency decisions and practices. Intentional partnership sits at the forefront of our goals, influencing our agency to cultivate and maintain impactful relationships with external partners to drive success. Each day, our agency strives to enhance the ways in which we strategically partner and collaborate with our surrounding government entities, as a way to maximize the relationships we have within Indiana. Supporting economic development and quality of life is crucial in planning Indiana’s future. As we move forward to develop comprehensive plans for INDOT’s transportation network, we ask that you move forward with us. INDOT encourages your local government agency to submit any strategic or comprehensive plans that you may want to share to help us better understand your future plans or needs. These plans should enhance sustainability, resiliency, access, and innovation. Our agency looks to integrate these concepts into planning and decision-making to better deliver core services effectively and efficiently throughout Indiana.

Locals can submit their comprehensive plans to INDOT by sending them to:

Contact Kathy L. Eaton-McKalip at if you have any questions.

Project End Dates & Inactive Projects

INDOT must follow Federal mandate by tracking all Purchase Order (PO) Project End Dates (PED) and all Inactive Projects.  Visit this LPA Project End Dates (PED) & Inactive Projects link for resources to keep your POs active like:

LPA Certification Program

Many local agencies have expressed a desire to take more control of their federally funded projects, and INDOT has created a mechanism to facilitate that for projects that are not on the National Highway System.This program, known as the LPA Certification Program, is optional and offers an exciting opportunity for LPAs to utilize any and all federal, state, and locally recognized and accepted design standards for their projects.

Contact Us

 Kathy L. Eaton-McKalip
LPA/MPO Grant Administrator

317-234 -5142

 Michael Cales
Assistant Director - Federal-Aid-Program
 Stephani Vermillion
Assistant Director - Funding and Contracts Manager
 Jason Holder
Assistant Director - Railroad Program
 Cassandra Hudson
Assistant Director - CCMG Program
Mailing Address:Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave. N758
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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