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Bridge Design and Load Rating

The Bridge Engineering Division is responsible for the design of new, replacement and rehabilitated bridges, bridge plan review and bridge load rating.

General Information

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ASCE-INDOT Structures Committee

The headings below are organized first by Indiana Design Manual (IDM) chapter (Ch 402 through 413), then alphabetically for those topics that do not have a dedicated IDM chapter.  Each heading expands to include:

  • A link to the referenced IDM chapter
  • Bridge Design Aids. A Bridge Design Aid is not policy, but guidance that aims to support good engineering judgment, increase bridge plan uniformity, improve awareness of Department preferences, and address commonly asked questions.  Appropriate use of these resources is the responsibility  of the engineer-of-record.  INDOT implies no endorsement of these resources and the recommendations contained therein.  Their appropriateness and legitimacy must be established by the engineer-of-record for the situation at hand.
  • Additional resources related to the topic.  Additional resources are a variety of guidance from national and local research, other State DOT links, and FHWA.

Structure Size & Type

Load Analysis & Application

Bridge Deck

Reinforced-Concrete Structures

Prestressed-Concrete Structure

Steel Structure


Abutment, Bent, Pier & Bearing

Earth-Retaining System

Precast, Prefabricated Structure


  • Bridge Design Aids
  • Additional Resources

Bridge Preservation

Accelerated Bridge Design

Bridge Aesthetics

Bridge Load Rating

Miscellaneous Structures

  • Wood Structures
  • Structural Signs, Lights and Supports
    • Bridge Design Aids
    • Additional Resources
  • Traffic and Safety
    • Bridge Design Aids
    • Additional Resources

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Contact Information

Stephanie Wagner
Director of Bridge Design
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 642
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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