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Adopt-A-Highway Program

INDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway program helps significantly reduce the roadside trash problem on Indiana’s highways.

The program coordinates with community groups that provide trash and litter pickup on one-mile long sections of non-interstate Hoosier highways.

INDOT area coordinators supply safety training, vests, road work signs, and trash bags to help get the job done. Local community organizations provide the manpower. In return, INDOT will place a recognition panel sign on the portion of highway adopted by the community groups.

If you are a member of an organization seeking volunteering opportunities, look into the Adopt-A-Highway program. Cleaner state roads and U.S. routes in your area will significantly improve the aesthetics and morale of your community.


Groups are asked to clean their designated one-mile long section two or more times each year, including once in the early spring and once in late fall.

Support from INDOT

INDOT’s Adopt-A-Highway coordinators supply safety training, safety vests, work signs and trash bags during pickups. All your group has to donate is time.


In addition to the signs erected with your group’s name, individuals gain a sense of accomplishment by improving the environment.

How to Adopt-A-Highway

Adopt-A-Highway coordinators are located in INDOT district or subdistrict offices. Call INDOT Customer Service at 855-463-6848 in order to be put in touch with the appropriate coordinator. Or, submit an electronic request; in the bottom field of the form, indicate the city, county and/or specific one-mile stretch of non-interstate INDOT highway you are interested in adopting. Interested parties should watch the Adopt-A-Highway Safety Briefing.

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