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I-65 Added Travel Lanes Clark and Scott Counties

Project Description: The current project proposes the addition of travel lanes (one in each direction) along I-65 within the roadway median from approximately 0.5 mile north of Blue Lick Road interchange to approximately 2.2 miles south of the SR 56 interchange. The additional travel lanes will follow the existing grade. The existing lanes of I-65 will undergo a mill and resurface.  The project proposes to maintain the existing typical cross section of I-65 from 2.2 miles to 0.5 mile south of the SR 56 interchange with a mill and resurface.

Traffic Noise Analysis: Based upon the noise analysis completed to date, the INDOT has identified one location where there is a potential for noise abatement. Noise abatement at this location would consist of a 12 to 14-foot-tall noise barrier. Noise abatement at this location is based upon preliminary design costs and design criteria. A re-evaluation of the noise analysis will occur during final design. If during final design it has been determined that conditions have changed such that noise abatement is not feasible and reasonable, the abatement measures might not be provided.

A copy of the noise technical report and general traffic noise information can be found below.  Please direct any questions or comments to Monica Del Real of American Structurepoint at, 317-547-5580 or

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