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I-465 SE Transportation System Management Operations (TSMO)

The I-465 Southeast Transportation System Management Operations (TSMO) project includes strategies to improve traffic flow and safety. The corridor experiences congestion during the peak periods, which has resulted in high crashes during heavy travel times. Improvements include ramp metering, variable speed limits (VSLs), and dynamic message signs (DMSs) to create safer, more efficient traffic conditions.

News Release: Ramp Metering to Begin on I-465

What is TSMO?

TSMO is a set of strategies that focuses on operational improvements to maximize the efficiency and safety of existing transportation systems. Strategies are implemented to get the most performance out of existing facilities. Click here to learn more about TSMO Strategies and Benefits.

Variable Speed Limits

Variable speed limits (VSLs) adjust based on real-time traffic, roadway incidents, work zones, and weather conditions. VSLs on the I-465 SE corridor will be posted a half mile apart from one another on both sides of the roadway. Speed limits will be dropped or increased by 5 miles per hour, as conditions warrant, to reduce crashes and increase safety.


Ramp Metering

Ramp metering controls the frequency of vehicles entering the roadway to match road capacity. Ramp meters will be placed on I-465 between I-65 and I-70. Ramp meters will only be in use during peak travel periods and when crashes occur.

Locations for Ramp Metering on I-465

  • Emerson Ave.
  • Southeastern Ave.
  • Shadeland Ave.
  • Brookville Rd./US 52
  • Washington St./US 40

Ramp Metering Operation on I-465

  • When the meter is in use, the signal located on both sides of the ramp will cycle between red and green to indicate to motorists when to merge.
  • When the meter is not in use, the signal will flash yellow, and merging will resume as normal.
  • If the ramp gets full while the meter is in use, the signal will adapt to traffic conditions and increase the rate at which the signal will allow the vehicles to proceed forward onto I-465.

Watch the videos below to learn more about Ramp Metering on I-465

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