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The Indiana Department of Transportation has endorsed constructability reviews to improve the total quality of our construction bid package. The narrow focus on just fixing problems has changed to the broader focus of preventing problems. INDOT will ensure the use of construction knowledge and experience in planning and design to achieve the project objectives. While early involvement of construction personnel is most important, multi-disciplinary teamwork is needed from the beginning. There are few constructability concepts that are single discipline activities.

A multi-disciplinary team will support the partnering and team building concept and will improve constructability results. The team creation allows the functional offices to know of each other’s involvement and provides some of the cross-training and formal communication needed throughout the process.

It is important for the Project Manager to build and strengthen relationships with the Functional Managers. As project development becomes more demanding and deals with increasingly complex issues, the partnering process should be used to bring the multiple stakeholders into the process.

Team building and Partnering are not new concepts to INDOT and have been employed successfully in the construction area. Constructability is another area in which success is dependent on these concepts. The Constructability Review Process steps and appendices are detailed in the link below.

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