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The Accounting department coordinates with the State Comptroller and Treasurer for all aspects of INDOT’s financial recordkeeping and reporting. The department provides information for the annual state CAFR and manages multiple internal and external audits each year. The group also performs various financial management activities related to financial statements, financial analysis and special reports to meet the needs of both internal staff and various outside entities with financial interests.

Accounts Payable

INDOT’s Accounts Payable and Travel department coordinates with the Comptroller of State to make timely payment of amounts due to outside vendors and employees. The department also provides guidance and assistance to staff throughout the agency, outside vendors and the public regarding payment procedures, related questions, and inquiries. More information about payments to INDOT’s vendors can be found on the Indiana Transparency Portal.

Each year, the department:

  • processes approximately 150,000 invoices.
  • pays approximately $3 billion of expenditures.
  • makes payments related to construction, consulting, real estate acquisition, and operational expenses, with a significant portion of the expenditures controlled by the Federal Highway Administration.

For more information about the department, information about becoming a vendor with the State of Indiana or an inquiry about a payment from INDOT, please contact the department at

Accounts Receivable

The purpose of INDOT’s Billings/Accounts Receivable Department is to accurately record and collect revenues due to INDOT in a timely manner. All billings are the responsibility and authority of the Accounts Receivable Department.

The Department invoices several different types of transactions, including:

  • Damage to State Property invoices sent to drivers that damaged state property.
  • Refund of Expenditure invoices for contractors, consultants, and vendors that have been overpaid and owe INDOT funds.
  • Local Public Agency invoices sent to local agencies for their share of a federal/local project.
  • Miscellaneous invoices sent to customers for various reasons.

To inquire about an invoice, please email or call 1-800-745-4308.

Office hours for the INDOT Cashier’s Office are from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday (except on legal holidays).

Cashier’s Office
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., Room N758
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Damage to State Property

The Damage to State Property (DSP) department identifies, assesses, invoices, and collects on damage to state property.  Damaged property includes roadway assets such as guardrails, cable barriers, signs, overhead signs, and bridges, as well as mobile assets such as trucks and mobile attenuators.  Damage is primarily identified through a standard crash report.  The damage is assessed, and an invoice is created based on the assessment.  The invoice is issued to the driver and/or owner (responsible party).  For DSP billing or invoice questions, email or call 1-800-745-4308.

Contact Information

Sarah Bump
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave
Indianapolis, IN  46204

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