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INDOT Puts the ‘Power’ Into Power Lunches

December 2022

INDOT’s Equity Initiative Services’ Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) team has packed additional “power” into power lunches.

Teaming with consultant CEI, INDOT’s DBE Supportive Services department has been offering DBE Power Sessions twice a month since October 2020. Usually occurring in the early lunch hour, the 30-minute webinars cover a wide range of topics helpful to certified DBE firms. Topics have included understanding contracts, estimating equipment costs, understanding cash-flow issues, reading specifications, and business promotion on Instagram.

“Through the DBE Power Sessions, a DBE owner can attend virtually, stay engaged, and learn about a business topic over their lunch break,” said INDOT DBE Business Development Manager Sean Howard.

BUC Construction Supply President Teresa Butler appreciates the sessions.

“The knowledge and training that my employees have received from the power sessions have been beneficial in estimating, job costing, and examining plans and specifications on every project we quote,” said Butler. “As a young business, we’re appreciative of INDOT and CEI working with DBEs to help us grow and be successful.

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