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INDOT Podcast Provides Valuable Information, Insights

December 2022

Podcasts are booming, and INDOT is riding the wave with its own “On the DOT” podcast.

Starting in January 2020 with the first of the monthly podcasts, Vincennes District Communications Director and podcast host Jason Tiller has helped grow the show by touching on a gamut of topics featuring INDOT guests from across the state.

“My goal was to provide a new way to tell the public about INDOT,” said Tiller. “There’s so much that our agency does, and we’re so much more than roads and bridges or filling potholes, picking up dead deer, or removing snow. I always wanted the podcast to represent all our districts and our entire agency. Also, from a personal point of view, the podcast is a way to leave my mark on the agency and enable me to say, ‘I made a difference.’”

Besides specific topics, Tiller has spotlighted individual districts.

The “On the DOT” podcast is available via smartphone apps or on a computer by using such services or websites as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, SoundCloud, Spotify, and Stitcher, or clicking here.

Additionally, all podcasts are available on the INDOT YouTube channel.

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