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INDOT Employees’ Innovations Are Recognized

March 2023

Twelve winning employee ideas for improving INDOT’s processes and projects statewide have been chosen from the 2023 agency call for entries.

In its fourth year, the in-house competition received 121 separate ideas from INDOT employees for improving INDOT. Ideas are vetted and scored, and evaluated on improved efficiency and safety, the state of development, the payoff potential, and market readiness.

All 12 winning innovations will be guided through implementation by INDOT’s Innovation and Process Improvements Division, which will collaborate with, and support, the 2023 winners to ensure the success of their ideas by working with leadership to shepherd the ideas to statewide implementation.

Winners and ideas were:

· Lalita Boykins and Tim Peters: Digital form for vehicle inspections.

· Joel Bump: Rally Bar with tablet for conference rooms.

· Jared Heiby: Tow plow cameras and light (see photos).

· Alex Hernandez, Ashley Ricker and Robert Boyd, and Dustin Drake: Reflective sheeting on vehicles.

· Mark Ober, Parker Zurbuch, and Sean Roach: Drone with remote-sensing technology.

· Jon Paauwe and Chris Stoner: Recruitment videos.

· Dylan Roe: Truck bed wash boom.

· Julian Roudabush: Plow stickers and flap anchors.

· Julian Roudabush and Justin Bunge: Pipe band opener.

· Ryan Silvers: Boot budget accessed via in-house software.

· Andrew Staggs and Curt Hunckler: Camera for paint truck.

· Mark Welch: Tow plow lights and mirrors.

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