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Interchange Project at U.S. 31 and 236th Street

Preliminary Preferred Alternative: Alternative 1

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Alternative 1 - the Diamond Interchange - grade-separates 236th Street over U.S. 31 in a tight
diamond configuration. The ramp terminals are single-lane roundabouts.

Access from 241st Street to U.S. 31 will be removed, and a cul-de-sac will provide turnaround access
for properties along 241st Street.

Alternative 1 - By the Numbers

U.S. 31/236th St. level of service A Number of residential impacts 24
Percent reduction in future crashes 23.4% Acres of wetland impacts 0.45
Acres of new right of way 122.0 Acres of floodplain impacts 11.5
Number of parcels impacted 41 Linear feet of stream impacts 1,400
Number of commercial impacts 2 Total project costs (millions) $24.88

Contact Information

Adam Burns, project manager
Crawford, Murphy & Tilly

INDOT4U Customer Service
855-INDOT4U (463-6848)

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