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INTIME Information

Welcome to INTIME

The Indiana Department of Revenue’s (DOR) e-services portal, INTIME, Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine, enables customers to manage business and corporate taxes, withholding, and individual income tax, in one convenient location.

Responding to a letter, notice, or bill

If you are responding to a letter, notice or bill from the DOR, you must include the ID in the top right corner across from your name. The ID starts with a capital L, followed by ten digits.

If you are responding by mail, you must provide a copy of the letter, notice or bill and place it in front of your reply.

Message Customer Service

If you need assistance with an individual income tax, business or corporate tax account, you can message DOR using INTIME to submit a question or resolve your issue quickly and efficiently. Once logged in, select the “All Actions” tab and then the “Messages” section.


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