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Secure Messaging with Customer Service via INTIME
If assistance is needed with an individual income tax, business or corporate tax account, contact DOR using INTIME to submit a question or get your issue resolved easily and efficiently. Once you are logged in, get started with INTIME messaging by selecting the “All Actions” tab followed by clicking on the “Messages” section.

Recover Access to INTIME Accounts Online
If a customer experiences an issue accessing their INTIME account, their username can be retrieved and their password reset online at Click on “Forgot Name or User Password” under the login button and follow the directions on the next screen. Requested emails containing reset links or other information to regain access may be inadvertently directed to spam folders, so remember to check there before calling DOR Customer Service for assistance.

Welcome to INTIME

The Indiana Department of Revenue’s (DOR) e-services portal, the Indiana Taxpayer Information Management Engine (INTIME), enables customers to manage business taxes, withholding, corporate income tax and individual income tax, in one convenient location, 24/7.

An INTIME functionality chart, listed by tax type, is available.


INTIME Resources

Step-by-step Guides

INTIME Functionality for Individual Income Tax Customers

As of September 2021, Individual Income tax customers can create a username and password for their new INTIME account to access features that include:

INTIME for Individual Income Tax Customers - You can access while not logged-in to INTIME: "Check Refund Status"; "Make Payments Using a Bank Account or Credit/Debit Credit"; and "Request an Extension of Time to File". You can access only while logged-in to INTIME: "Check Refund Status"; "Make Payments Using a Bank Account or Credit/Debit Credit"; "Request an Extension of Time to File"; "View Payment History"; "Establish Payment Plan"; "Secure Messaging with DOR Customer Service"; "Electronic Delivery of DOR Correspondence from DOR"; "Request and Print Transcripts of Tax Return Information"; and "Update Name and Address."

Increased Online Support for Tax Preparers

INTIME also provides increased access and functionality to tax practitioners including:

  • Access to view and manage multiple customers under one login
  • Ability to file returns, make payments, and view, file and pay history for clients
  • Electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) request for authorization to act on behalf of clients
  • Ability to view and respond to correspondence for clients

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