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Resolutions 2019

FCR 2019-19 2020 Meeting Dates12/09/2019
FCR 2019-18 2020 Holiday Schedule12/09/2019
FCR 2019-15 Approving Sale of Real Estate10/16/2019
FCR 2019-14 Emergency Resolution for Auditor09/19/2019
FCR 2019-13 Solid Waste Landfill Closure Plan09/03/2019
FCR 2019-12 Transfer of Property to Scott County07/17/2019
FCR 2019-11 Transfer of Property to Scott County06/21/2019
FCR 2019-10 Economic Development Administration Public Works Grant05/22/2019
FCR 2019-09 Approving Submission of the Next Level Broadband Grant05/03/2019
FCR 2019-08 Economic Development Public Works Grants04/24/2019
FCR 2019-07 Transfer of Property to Scott County04/03/2019
FCR 2019-06 Transfer of Property to Scott County03/21/2019
FCR 2019-05 Unsafe Building Structure at 3306 Corydon Pike New Albany IN 4715001/21/2019
FCR 2019-04 Intent to Conduct Tax Sale01/21/2019
FCR 2019-03 Approving Payment to Legacy Foundation01/21/2019
FCR 2019-01 Approval of County Parks Five-Year Master Plan01/10/2019