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Ordinances 2019

FCO 2019-36 Vacation and Closure of Old River Road01/08/2020
FCO 2019-34 Fund 9137 Superior Court 3 Supreme Court Justice Service Grant01/08/2020
FCO 2019-33 Establishing Fund 9134 Professional Service Department of Corrections01/08/2020
FCO 2019-32 Establishing a Non-Reverting Fund for County Commissioners Hospital Proceeds Fund11/22/2019
FCO 2019-31 Fund Community Safety Services11/06/2019
FCO 2019-30 2020 Obligation to the YMCA11/06/2019
FCO 2019-29 Dedicating Funds from the Investment Income Arising from the Sale of the County Hospital to Needed Infrastructure Improvements12/09/2019
FCO 2019-28 Dedicating Funds from the Investment Income Arising from the Sale of the County Hospital11/06/2019
FCO 2019-27 Fund Community Safety Services Floyd County Emergency Medical Services11/06/2019
FCO 2019-26 Interlocal Cooperation Agreement with the Floyd County Department of Parks and Recreation11/06/2019
FCO 2019-25 Stormwater Ordinance10/16/2019
FCO 2019-24 Amending FCO 2019-12 Establishing Greenville Fire District Board10/16/2019
FCO 2019-23 Amending FCO 2006-6 Zoning Ordinance and Floyd County Subdivision Control Ordinance FCO 2005-1709/19/2019
FCO 2019-21 Amending FCO 2006-6 Zoning Map09/03/2019
FCO 2019-20 Authorizing the Sale of Real Estate to an Abutting Landowner09/03/2019
FCO 2019-19 Fees for Floyd County Health Department08/08/2019
FCO 2019-18 The Family Recovery Grant Fund08/08/2019
FCO 2019-17 The Alternative Dispute Resolution Fund08/08/2019
FCO 2019-16 Vacation of unused Portion of a Certain Alley in the City of Borden, Floyd County Indiana08/07/2019
FCO 2019-15 Amending FCO 2006-6 Zoning Map07/17/2019
FCO 2019-12 Establishing Greenville Fire District04/24/2019
FCO 2019-11 Indiana Broadband Ready Community04/24/2019
FCO 2019-10 Amending FCO 2016-5 Capital Improvement Plan04/24/2019
FCO 2019-09 Vacating A Public Way04/24/2019
FCO 2019-08 Amendment to Personal Policies FCO 1995-7 Retiree Health Benefits04/03/2019
FCO 2019-07 Court Interpreter Grant Fund03/08/2019
FCO 2019-06 Amendment to FCO 1996-1203/01/2019
FCO 2019-05 Floyd County Solid Waste District03/01/2019
FCO 2019-04 Amending FCO 2016-503/01/2019
FCO 2019-03 Amendment to Personal Policies Handbook Vacation Days02/06/2019
FCO 2019-02 Conflict of Interest Ordinance02/06/2019