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Ordinances 2018

FCO 2018-8 Legacy Foundation06/05/2020
FCO 2018-7 Map Amendments to the Floyd County Zoning Ordinance12/19/2018
FCO 2018-7 Drawing12/19/2018
FCO 2018-19 Load Limits on Moser Knob Road, Spickert Knob Road and Fairview Knob Road12/13/2018
FCO 2018-18 Amending of FCO 2016-512/19/2018
FCO 2018-17 Redevelopment Authority Fund12/13/2018
FCO 2018-16 Total Health & Go365 Participation10/18/2018
FCO 2018-16 Medical Benefits Total Health & Go 36511/28/2018
FCO 2018-15 Voluntary Benefits11/28/2018
FCO 2018-15 Consolidation VWB10/18/2018
FCO 2018-14 Amending the Zoning Map of Floyd County Indiana01/21/2019
FCO 2018-13 Jurisdiction over the Jail09/19/2018
FCO 2018-12 Non-Reverting Account for IDOC Reserve Funds09/19/2018
FCO 2018-11 LIT-Jail Fund09/19/2018
FCO 2018-10 Floyd County Redevelopment Authority08/08/2018
FCO 2018-09 Criminal Justice Center Construction Fund08/29/2018
FCO 2018-06 Amending of FCO 2016-508/29/2018
FCO 2018-05 Non-Reverting Grant Fund for Floyd County Sheriff's Department08/29/2018
FCO 2018-04 Credit Card Ordinance03/07/2018
FCO 2018-03 Zoning Ordinance Amendments02/09/2018
FCO 2018-01 Ordinance Amending FCO 2012-1401/03/2018