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Ordinances 2016

FCO 2016-25 Ordinance to Amend FCO 2016-1812/07/2016
FCO 2016-23 Ordinance Pertaining to New Federal Labor Standards Act Overtime Policies11/21/2016
FCO 2016-22 Ordinance Authorizing On-Line Auction11/21/2016
FCO 2016-21 Ordinance Pertaining to Map Amendments to Floyd County Zoning Ordinance11/16/2016
FCO 2016-20A Non-Reverting fund to be known as The Employee Benefits Special Fund11/16/2016
FCO 2016-20 Amending Ordinance FCO 2016-511/16/2016
FCO 2016-19 Authorization Community Intellectual Disability Provider and Community Mental Health Provider Funding11/16/2016
FCO 2016-18-A Non Reverting Fund for County Elections12/13/2016
FCO 2016-18 Amendment to Hospital Fund12/15/2016
FCO 2016-17 Ordinance to Set Forth the amount of Health Benefits paid by Floyd County on behalf of the surviving Spouse and Children of a Floyd County Police Officer Who Dies in the Line of Duty08/01/2016
FCO 2016-16 Renaming County Clerk Micro-film Fund to Records Fund07/01/2016
FCO 2016-15 Ordinance for Vacation of Public Easement06/30/2016
FCO 2016-14 Uniform Internal Control Standards for Indiana Political Subdivisions in accordance with IC 5-11-1-2712/13/2016
FCO 2016-13 Ordinance for creating the Floyd County Department of Highway and Public Works06/21/2016
FCO 2016-12 Ordinance to establish a non-reverting fund to be known as Highlander Point-Edwardsville Gateway TIF Fund06/01/2016
FCO 2016-11 Ordinance to establish a non-reverting fund to be known as the Dept of Corrections Adult Probation Employee Grant Fund05/31/2016
FCO 2016-10 Ordinance to Establish a non-reverting fund to be known as the CRR Fund05/03/2016
FCO 2016-09 Ordinance for creating a non-reverting fund to be known as The LOIT Special Distribution Fund04/20/2016
FCO 2016-08 Ordinance for creating a non-reverting fund to be known as The LOIT 2016 LOIT Special Distribution Fund04/04/2016
FCO 2016-07 Ordinance Pertaining to the Establishment of a Planned Unit Development PUD-NC-01-Serenity Center03/17/2016
FCO 2016-06 Installation of Traffic Control Device03/03/2016
FCO 2016-05 Amending Ordinance FCO 2005-2302/29/2016
FCO 2016-04 Ordering Payment to Floyd County Solid Waste District Claims02/19/2016
FCO 2016-03 Ordinance Payment Policy for Certain Entities02/02/2016
FCO 2016-02 Renaming State Road 111 to Grant Line Road01/28/2016
FCO 2016-01 Ordinance EDIT Funds for solid Waste01/02/2016
FCO 2016 Index12/13/2016