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Health Plan Options for 2019

The State is again offering four statewide medical plans for 2019: Wellness Consumer-Driven Health Plan (Wellness CDHP), Consumer-Driven Health Plan 1 (CDHP1), Consumer-Driven Health Plan 2 (CDHP2) and Traditional Preferred Provider Organization (PPO).  All four available plans are in the National (BlueCard PPO) network with Anthem and have a prescription drug plan through CVS Caremark. Each plan has differences in premium costs, deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums.

Please note in order to be eligible to enroll in the 2019 Wellness CDHP you must have reached an Earned Status of Silver in Go365 by August 31, 2018. This means all points must have been processed and posted to your Go365 account by the August 31 deadline.  If you qualified for the Wellness CDHP and wish to enroll in the plan for 2019, you must select this option within your Open Enrollment event. You will not be automatically enrolled in the plan unless you were enrolled in the Wellness Plan for the 2018 plan year. If you were enrolled in the 2018 Wellness CDHP but did not qualify for the 2019 Wellness CDHP your coverage will automatically be switched to the CDHP 1, unless you actively elect another plan.

Like last year, the family Wellness CDHP and CDHP 1 plans have an individual embedded out-of-pocket maximum for the family Wellness CDHP and CDHP 1.  The individual embedded out-of-pocket maximum saves families money by limiting the cost spent on any one person to $7,900.  Once a family member meets the individual embedded out-of-pocket maximum all claims incurred by that family member will be 100% paid by the plan.  The other family members on the plan will continue to pay the coinsurance amounts for any claims they incur until the family out-of-pocket maximum of $8,000 is obtained. 

Plan Summaries

Wellness CDHP



Traditional PPO

Compare the Plans

  • 2019 Plan Comparison - This document includes information related to office visits, inpatient, ER, urgent care, wellness and prevention and medicine as they relate to each plan.
  • 2019 Maximum Exposure Calculations - Please note these examples assume employee takes advantage of the Non-Tobacco Use Incentive and costs are incurred within the Anthem provider network.