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Archived Workshop Presentations

The following lists include presentations from the most recent Indiana Health Coverage Programs (IHCP) provider workshops and annual seminar. 


Spring Workshop Presentations (March 2019)

Presenter Topic
DXC Technology Tips and Reminders 
Southeastrans Fee-for-Service Nonemergency Medical Transportation Broker 
Conduent FSSA EnCred
MDwise 2019 MDwise Updates
Anthem and Managed Health Services (MHS) Hoosier Care Connect Hospice Changes
CareSource Podiatry Services 
Managed Health Services Community Health Workers 
MHS SUD Residential Treatment 
Anthem Applied Behavior Aanalysis (ABA) Changes 


Annual Seminar Presentations (October 2018)

FFS - Behavioral Health (DXC) FFS - Submitting CMS-1500 Professional Claims (DXC)
FFS - Dental (DXC) FFS - Submitting Secondary CMS-1500 Professional Claims (DXC)
FFS - Durable Medical Equipment (DXC) FFS - UB-04 Tips and Reminders (DXC)
FFS - HCBS Waiver Services (DXC) FFS - Understanding your Remittance Advice (DXC)
FFS - Home Health, Hospice, and Nursing Facility (DXC) FFS - Vision (DXC)
FFS - Prior Authorization on the IHCP Portal (DXC) Prior Authorization for Medicaid Fee-for-Service (CMCS)
State of Indiana
FSSA - Division of Family Resources (DFR) FSSA - Program Integrity
FSSA - Pharmacy Updates ISDH - MOMS Helpline 
IHCP - Other

Conduent - FSSA EnCred Project

IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal Overview (DXC)
IHCP Eligibility (DXC) IHCP Today (DXC)
IHCP Provider Healthcare Portal Enrollment (DXC) Southeastrans Process and Procedures
Managed Care - Anthem
Anthem - Behavioral Health Anthem - Logisticare
Anthem - Benefits Plus Anthem - Quality Improvement Strategies
Anthem - CMS-1500/UB-04 Billing and Claims Process Anthem - Using the Availity Web Portal
Anthem - Gateway to Work 2019  
Managed Care - CareSource
CareSource 101 CareSource - Prior Authorization
CareSource - Behavioral Health CareSource - Provider Web Portal
CareSource - CMS-1500/UB-04 Billing and Claims Process CareSource - Quality
CareSource - Dental CareSource - Transportation
Managed Care - MDwise
MDwise 101 MDwise - Quality
MDwise - Behavioral Health MDwise - Transportation with Ride Right
MDwise - CMS-1500/UB-04 Billing and Claims Process MDwise - Web Portal
MDwise - Prior Authorization  
Managed Care - MHS
MHS 101 MHS - Prior Authorization
MHS - Behavioral Health MHS - Quality
MHS - CMS-1500/UB-04 Billing and Claims Process MHS - Transportation (LCP)
MHS - Evolve Dental 101 MHS - Web Portal
Managed Care - Other
DentaQuest - Anthem and MDwise  


Summer Workshop Presentations (July 2018)

Presenter Topic
Conduent FSSA EnCred Project
DXC Technology Submitting Secondary CMS-1500 Claims and IHCP Updates
Southeastrans Broker for Indiana Fee-for-Service Medicaid Non-Emergency Medical Transportation 2018
FSSA Program Integrity
Anthem Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Summer Updates
CareSource CareSource Website and Updates
Managed Health Services MHS Refresher
MDwise MDwise Summer Updates

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