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State Cultural Commissions

ICRC & Cultural Commission Message
The State of Indiana's five cultural commissions serve under the umbrella of the Indiana Civil Rights Commission to provide education, resources and initiatives for Indiana's minority, underrepresented and ethnically diverse communities.

The cultural commissions are each located with the Indiana Civil Rights Commission at:
Indiana Government Center North
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N300
Indianapolis, Indiana 46204

Indiana Commission for Women 
The Indiana Commission for Women (ICW) seeks to understand the needs of Indiana women and their families by working to remove barriers that hinder women's participation by increasing awareness of the state of women and their families and the issues they face.
Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males 
The Indiana Commission on the Social Status of Black Males studies the social conditions of the state's Black male population and develops strategies to remedy or assist in improving the educational, social, economic, employment, and other circumstances for Hoosiers.
Indiana Commission on Hispanic and Latino Affairs 
The Indiana Commission on Hispanic/Latino Affairs (ICHLA) is a non-partisan state agency that identifies, measures, and reviews programs, legislation, and researches challenges and opportunities affecting the Hispanic/Latino community.
Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission 
The Indiana Native American Indian Affairs Commission (INAIAC) ultimately seeks to bring the Native American community together, help identify and provide opportunities to the Native American people, and enhance social, cultural, community and economic development in Indiana.
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Indiana Holiday Commission 
The King Commission promotes Dr. King/s legacy of equality and equal justice and provides educational tools that demonstrate the historical significance and current relevance of Dr. King's life and how it relates to America as a whole.

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