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Hypertension Toolkit

Hypertension Toolkit

Hypertension Toolkit By Section

Hypertension Individual Attachments by Section

Readiness Attachments

Recognition & Prevention Attachments

Response Attachments

Reporting & Systems Learning Attachments

Maternal Hemorrhage Toolkit

Maternal Hemorrhage Toolkit

Postpartum Hemorrhage Simulations

These simulation scenarios are available to be downloaded and adapted for your facility's use. They were designed with a Level of Care in mind but all scenarios can be used by all hospital designation levels. Best Practice: Whatever amount of time you schedule for the scenario you choose, plan to allow double that time for the debriefs portion of the simulation experience.

Individual Attachments

Perinatal Substance Use Practice Bundle

Breastfeeding and Substance Use Traffic Light

Breastfeeding and Substance Use Traffic Light (Spanish)

Perinatal Substance Use Practice Bundle By Section With Attachments

Perinatal Substance Use Practice Bundle Individual Attachments

Health Care Providers

Nurses, doctors, caseworkers and other professionals in the health and medical field are on the front lines in the battle to reduce infant mortality in Indiana. How can you help?

Start the conversation. While it’s important to talk to your patients and clients about their medical and wellness needs, it’s just as important to listen. Hearing their fears, struggles, frustrations and hopes can help you craft a plan for the needs of the parents and the baby.

Determine their level of understanding. Oftentimes, expectant or new parents are overwhelmed with advice from friends and family, which may or may not be accurate. Never assume what they may know and don’t hesitate to go over the basics with them. Even experienced parents can benefit from reminders and refreshers.

Identify their needs. The State of Indiana offers many resources for new and expectant parents to utilize. Familiarize yourself with the supportive programs and services available and begin to understand where your patients may need the most assistance or direction.

For more information and referral services call the MCH MOMS Helpline at 1-844-MCH-MOMS (1-844-624-6667) or visit

Please email questions to

Prenatal Care

Having a healthy baby takes planning. Going to early and regular prenatal care visits is critical for you and your baby’s health.

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Find Support
Connect with experts to help you and your baby begin a healthy lifestyle together.

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