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Indiana Secured School Safety Board

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Upcoming Committee Meeting

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Meeting Information

The board meets on an as-needed basis, with a minimum of two meetings per year. The board most recently met on August 13, May 16 and January 20, 2022.

Meeting Minutes

To obtain historical copies of the Secured School Safety Board meeting minutes not provided below, please submit a public records request to the Indiana Department of Homeland Security.

About the Indiana Secured School Safety Board

The Indiana Secured School Safety Board was established to approve or disapprove applications for matching grants through the Secured School Safety Grant Program. Per IC 10-21-1-3, the board shall establish criteria to be used in evaluating applications for matching grants from the fund. These criteria must be consistent with the fund's goals, and provide for an equitable distribution of grants to school corporations and charter schools located throughout Indiana.

Board Members

  • Stephen Balko, Director of School Building Security for the Indiana Department of Education**
  • Eric Bowlen, Superintendent of the Metropolitan School District of Martinsville
  • Doug Carter, Superintendent of the Indiana State Police
  • Philip Gordon, Attorney General's Office*
  • Devon McDonald, Director of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute
  • Joel Thacker, Director of the Indiana Department of Homeland Security

*Designee for Todd Rokita, Attorney General
**Designee for Dr. Katie Jenner, Secretary of Education

Secured School Safety Board Contact
Rusty Goodpaster
Secured School Safety Director