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Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know - SARA Title III Reporting

Online Reporting Application: 

Presentation for Tier 2 Manager Facility Users

Additional SARA III Tier II Information

Tier II Workshops

2017 EPA Rule Update

EPCRA, also known as SARA Title III, enacted in 1986, establishes requirements for federal, state and local governments, American Indian tribes, and industry regarding emergency planning and reporting on hazardous and toxic chemicals.  The statute is designed to help communities deal safely and effectively with hazardous chemicals present in our communities.  The law’s primary objectives are to…

  • Identify the storage, use, and release of chemicals;
  • Foster communication between facilities that handle hazardous chemicals and their communities;
  • Expand emergency planning for hazardous chemical accidents and enhance emergency response capabilities for hazardous chemical incidents.

    Note: Facilities must, upon request, promptly provide the appropriate local emergency planning committee (LEPC) and/or fire department with jurisdiction over the facility their Tier II emergency and hazardous chemical inventory form information as required by IC 13-25-2-10(c).

Contact Information
Indiana SARA Program
Indiana Department of Homeland Security
302 W. Washington St., Rm. E-241
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Email: SARATr2@dhs.in.gov