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Resolutions 2020

FCR 2020-17 Economic Development Plan01/04/2021
FCR 2020-16 2021 Meeting Dates03/09/2021
FCR 2020-15 Revised 2021 Holiday Schedule03/09/2021
FCR 2020-13 Amended 2020 Claims Schedule01/04/2021
FCR 2020-12 Transfer Property to the Floyd County Redevelopment Commission01/04/2021
FCR 2020-11 Office of Community and Rural Affairs Grant FV-19-13301/04/2021
FCR 2020-10 Constitutional Assurance Resolution of the Board of Commissioners of Floyd County, Indiana01/04/2021
FCR 2020-09 Capital Improvements to County-Owned Facilities01/04/2021
FCR 2020-08 Revised FCR 2019-19 Meeting Dates01/04/2021
FCR 2020-07 Revised FCR 2019-18 Holiday Schedule01/04/2021
FCR 2020-06 Procedures and Formalities during a Disaster01/04/2021
FCR 2020-04 Intent to Conduct Tax Sale01/04/2021
FCR 2020-02 Claims Schedule 202001/04/2021
FCR 2020-01 Establishment of the Fire Protection District Cumulative Fund01/04/2021