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Resolutions 2018

FCR 2018-26 2019 Observed Holidays12/19/2018
FCR 2018-25 2019 Meeting Dates12/19/2018
FCR 2018-24 Approving Payment of Insurance Deductible12/12/2018
FCR 2018-23 Interlocal Agreement Between Floyd County and the New Albany-Floyd County Library District12/19/2018
FCR 2018-22 Redevelopment Attorney Fees11/09/2018
FCR 2018-21 Redevelopment Attorney Fees11/09/2018
FCR 2018-20 Spending from the Hospital Funds09/19/2018
FCR 2018-19 Floyd County Redevelopment Bond09/19/2018
FCR 2018-18 ATOD Task Force for 2018/2019 Drug-Free Communities09/19/2018
FCR 2018-17B Approving Payment of Attorney Fees from BAN funds08/08/2018
FCR 2018-17A Approving Payment of Attorney Fees from BAN funds08/08/2018
FCR 2018-16 Appoint Redevelopment Authority Attorney08/08/2018
FCR 2018-15 Bond Anticipation Notes and Other Matters in Connection08/29/2018
FCR 2018-14 Financing of Construction, Reconstruction, Repairs, and Improvement of certain County Roads08/29/2018
FCR 2018-13 Spending from the Hospital Funds06/29/2018
FCR 2018-12 Authorizing The Acceptance of Bids for a Public Works Project06/06/2018
FCR 2018-11 Redevelopment Commission Bond06/06/2018
FCR 2018-10 2018 Commissioners Meeting Dates06/06/2018
FCR 2018-09 Approving Execution of Lease and Related Matters03/07/2018
FCR 2018-08 Lafayette Township Fire Protection District Cumulative Fire Fund07/18/2018
FCR 2018-07 Support of the County Foundation Concept03/07/2018
FCR 2018-06 Approving The Form of Lease and Project and Taking Other Actions Regarding the Proposed Lease03/07/2018
FCR 2018-05 Creation of Floyd County Government Facility Building Corporation03/07/2018
FCR 2018-04 Receiving and Approving the Petition of Taxpayers Requesting the Leasing of the Jail and the City/County Building and Taking Other Actions Regarding the Proposed Lease02/09/2018
FCR 2018-03 Declaring an Official Intent to Reimburse Expenditures and Approving Matters Related Thereto02/09/2018
FCR 2018-02 Amendment to the Edwardsville-Highlander Point TIF District02/09/2018
FCR 2018-01 Intent to Conduct Tax Sale01/03/2018